Pavel Kudelasek

After studying under members of the Smetana Quartet and attending prestigious master classes in Holland (with the Fine Arts Quartet) and Germany (with the Alban Berg Quartet) the Apollon Quartet competed successfully in a number of prestigious international competitions, including the International Ludwig van Beethoven Competition (first prize and prize for the best performance of a work by Beethoven), and taking part in the final of the international competition in Düsseldorf. 

Radek Křižanovský

With these successes the Apollon Quartet began its concert activities in 1993, which were to see further encounters with outstanding figures from the chamber music scene (such as Viktor Moučka from the Vlach Quartet or Jan Kvapil and Petr Messieureur from the Talich Quartet). From the beginning of its career the Quartet has included jazz compositions in its repertoire, in addition to classical works. We can thus hear them play outstanding and very original arrangements by the American string ensemble Turtle Island Quartet of pieces by leading jazz composers and interpreters (such as Chick Corea, Miles Davis, and Leonard Bernstein).


Pavel Ciprys

The Apollon Quartet works with a number of Czech composers, both in the field of classical music (Z. Lukáš, P. Trojan, O.Kvěch, and M.Knížák), and of jazz (K.Růžička, E.Viklický, V.Eckert, and Z.Zdeněk). In many cases these composers have dedicated works to the Quartet. Thanks to their wide-ranging repertoire, combining these two differing genres, the Apollon Quartet has captivated audiences in many concert halls. 

Pavel Verner

The ensemble makes regular appearances at prestigious festivals both in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, including the Bruckner Festival in Karlsruhe, the Chamber Music Festival in Bolzano, the Mitte Europa Festival, the Contemporary Music Festival in Bregenz, the Chamber Music Festival in Bergamo, and the Jazz Festival in Salzburg. They have also made concert tours of England, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Sweden, France, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries.